Where did Scrappy’s Papers come from?
Scrappy’s Neighborhood Designs

Way back in 2007, my Daughter, Brooke Snyder decided to open a scrapbook craft store. Of course, she needed free help in the early years. So I became the first main helper at Urban Scrapbooker. After about a month or so, the customers began referring to me as “Brooke’s Dad”. I am always proud of that moniker.

But, we felt I needed a different name or I’d always be called “Brooke’s Dad” at the store…

One day I announced my new name would be “Scrappy”. It seemed to fit me and it stuck. After that, Scrappy sorta evolved into being my name at the store. “Hey Scrappy” was heard more and more.
Where did Scrappy's Papers come from?
Along the way, I leaned our customers wanted some local scrapbook craft paper for their projects. Since, Scrappy is a long time hobby photographer. I thought about ways to use some of my local Seattle and Northwest area photographs in scrapbook crafts.

Brooke and several customers critiqued my many attempts at making local photos useful. Finally, we came up with a unique way to use my photographs. This led to Scrappy’s Neighborhood Designs being born. You could find all the various prints at Urban Scrapbooker. It has been fun for all of us ever since.

Thanks to all the customers who’ve enjoyed Scrappy’s Paper and continue to make request for more new ones.

Over the years, Scrappy’s papers have been loved by thousands. Now, try using Scrappy’s Papers digital download files of photo designs for card making, scrapbook and craft for your projects. Because Scrappy’s Papers are now available in digital format. So you can adjust different ways of use to support your theme.

Designed from Scrappy’s local photos and graphics. Hence, no more looking for Seattle and Northwest areas papers. Scrappy’s Papers are unique.

Similarly, printed versions of Scrappy’s Neighborhood Designs Card Craft Scrapbook Papers featuring Seattle Northwest areas available. Stop by Urban Papercrafter in Edmonds WA. Check Urban PaperCrafter formally Urban Scrapbooker for more paper crafting supplies and classes.
Printed Scrappy’s 12 x12 inch and 6 x 4 papers are available for $2.50 each.

Scrappy’s Card Craft Scrapbook Papers from Seattle and Northwest areas.